We make biotechnology avaiable and part of everyone daily lifes.




Scientific Holding is not just an another investment company in the clean tech business. We have a purpose and vision far beyond filling our bank account. 

We want to participate and take an active role in the necessary chance for good. 

If money has no purpose money could be destructive. 

At Scientific Holding we believe that money has destroyed our planet and our health but we also believe that it is with money that will rebuild our society. 

We believe that our way of contributing to a better world is to give money a good purpose. To invest and guide small start ups and SME enterprises in the biotechnology industry.

”We can’t solve problems by thinking the same way as we did when we created them”
/Albert Einstein


Scientific Holding make biotechnology available and part of everyones daily lifes by investing and managing start ups and SME companies in the clean tech industry with focus on biotechnology. 

Our focus and experties is in managing companies with one or more innovations that represents a technology shift. 
Bioteria Technologies AB develops and market sustainable products and services for Waste Water Treatment, Waste management and Ventilation. VIEW WEB SITE
Innu-Science - the creators of new technology for the professional cleaning and hygien sector. VIEW WEB SITE
The Synbiotic Lifestyle is in the consumer healthcare sector focusing on probiotics and synbiotic program for better health. VIEW WEB SITE
Pure Effect makes biotechnological and environmental sound cleaning products available for the consumer. VIEW WEB SITE


To use nature without abusing it!

That is the path we must choose. That is what sustainability with biotechnology is all about.
That requires us to change the path we are on.
We cannot solve problems by using the same methods and technology as we did when we created them. We need change. Biotechnology will offer solutions to problems that were not solved by traditional and often environmentally harmful methods and harsh chemicals.
Sustainability with biotechnology is also but a shift of focus. Away from us on our  good bacteria. Bacteria is not to be fought, but to be used. At peace and in balance with bacteria we will change the world for the better. Better for us humans and for the environment.
 Biotechnology provides an opportunity of change:
  • In the way the world views cleaning
  • In the way the world attac problems with Fat, Oils and Grease
  • In the way the world views bacteria 
  • In the way the world treat illness and western desease
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